Engr. Isidro G. Borja
City Planning Officer
3rd Floor, City Hall, Cagayan de Oro City  
Tel Nos. 857-2264, 857-2179, 857-3390, Fax: 857-3148 

About Us

The City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) 

 • formulates and integrates economic, social, physical and other development objectives and policies; 
 • prepares comprehensive plans and similar development planning documents; 
 • monitors and evaluates the implementation of different programs, projects and activities in the city in accordance with the approved development plan.

Frontline Services

 • Issuance of Zoning Certificate 
 • Issuance of Zoning Certificate for land use of building 
 • Issuance of Zoning Certificate for Business and Special Permits 
 • Issuance of Clearance/Permit for Subdivisions:  PALC (Preliminary Approval and Locational Clearance), DP (Development Permit), AP (Alteration Permit) 
 • Provide data for research Purposes 
 • Issuance of Certificate for Electrical and Water Connection