Ricard P. Carson
Ground Floor, Annex Building, City Hall, Cagayan de Oro City  
Tel No. : (088) 857-3191 

About Us

The City Public Services Office is tasked to take charge of the following responsibilities and objectives: 
 • Street cleaning along city streets and main thoroughfares; 
 • Maintenance of cleanliness and upkeep of center islands; 
 • Maintenance of cleanliness, beautification and greening of City’s parks and plazas; 
 • Maintenance of cleanliness and sanitation around City Hall premises, comfort rooms, hallways, corridors and quadrangle; 
 • Maintenance and fixing of minor electrical facilities at City Hall buildings; 
 • Delivery of support services particularly those related to the situations during and in the aftermath of man-made or natural calamities and disasters; and 
 • Manage and control the entire operation of the City Cemetery including cleanliness, orderliness, security and proper delivery of service to the demands of the patronage of the cemetery. 
 • Provision of chairs, tables and physical arrangement of various events of the city

Frontline Services

 • Burial Assistance 
 • For common interment or “sapaw” 
 • For Exhumation or “pagkuha sa bukog”