Agricultural Production

About 34.65% of the City’s total land area (56,966.6228 hectares) is devoted to agriculture in 2011 and 33.27% in 2012. Of the agricultural, cover 6,008.40 hectares are devoted to crops in 2011 and 3,854.50 has. in 2012.

Crops produced are both food and commercial crops. Food crops include rice, corn and vegetables while commercial crops are abaca, banana, cacao and coffee, root crops and fruits and nuts.

Agricultural Area Cover 20,404.7600 ha.
Area Devoted to Crops 6,659.4000 ha.
Production (in metric tons) 49,265.3000 mt.

Livestock and Poultry

Hogs’ population is highest among the livestock, comprising 59.2% in 2011 and 62.2% in 2012.

Similarly, hogs ranks highest in number which is 87.4% of the total slaughtered animals in 2011 and 87.2 % in 2012. All animals slaughtered passed the meat inspection standard.

Livestock and Poultry Population 61,706
Slaughtered Animals 106,626

Natural Resources 

Non-Metallic Mineral (Volume) 124,867.40 cu.m.
Copper Ore/Iron Ore/Limestone 65,831 mt.
Production (Estimated Market Value) P4,395,252.21

 Trade and Industry 2011-2012

 Domestic (2011)

Business Establishments 17,973
CPI (at 2000=100) All Items 176.6
Inflation Rate 5.6
Purchasing Power of Peso 0.57

Gross Regional Domestic
Product (at Constant Price) 
Business Establishments (2012) 17,908

 Tourism (2012) 

Tourist Arrivals 550,249
Domestic 505,560
Foreign 27,977
Balikbayan 9,010
Other & Unspecified 7,702

Source : City Planning and Development Office