Road Network

Cagayan de Oro has a total national road length of 79.769 km and provincial roads with a total length of 621.68 km.


Motor vehicle registration in Cagayan de Oro registered at 41,782, higher by 13% from the registration in the previous year. Aircraft passengers increased by 13% in 2008 placing the number of passengers at 884,671. Total ship passengers in 2008 were recorded at 1,034,937 which were lower by 12.8%from the previous year ’s count.


Four cable television companies and six telephone companies operate within the city. There are also nine broadband network providers and three cellular mobile telephone providers. Seven postal offices are visible in the city, 9 AM broadcast stations and 15 FM broadcast stations also operate within the city providing communication needs of the Kagayanons.

Water Supply

Cagayan de Oro Water District serves 70,944 clients in 2008 with a total consumption of 22,497,424 cu m. The total water production of COWD in 2008 is 48,346,968 cu m.

Power Supply CEPALCO serves 107,324 customers in 2008 distributing 649,883 megawatt hours of electricity.