80 classroom, 4 storey building will soon serve CDO City High students

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Students of Cagayan de Oro City National High School will soon experience a comfortable learning atmosphere with the soon to be completed 80 classroom, 4 storey building in time for the June 2016 opening of classes.

The school project, funded by local taxpayers and with its new site in Brgy Nazareth, will house more than 4,000 students who for years were forced to endure crowded classrooms that resulted to dwindling learning capacity.

The new school site was acquired by the local government of Cagayan de Oro under the administration of Mayor Oscar Moreno, funded by the Special Education Fund and approved by the Local School Board, the new Cagayan de Oro City National High School is a monument of a true and visionary leader and an “Education Champion.”

“Gikan sa katawhan, ibalik sa katawhan”

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