CDO bag prestigious Galing Pook award

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galing pook award

2017 Galing Pook Awards! Rising up from the mud... and political obstructionism.:-

This Galing Pook award considered the Gold Standard in local governance is a fitting affirmation of the partnership of the city government and the communities who synergized to overcome the Sendong catastrophe resulting in building the city better.

From 158 entries, down to 20 finalists, Cagayan de Oro City shares the 2017 Galing Pook with nine other LGUs.

The award is a fitting recognition of the leadership of Mayor Oscar Moreno, whose vision, managerial acumen and character were put to test in rebuilding the after hit by the gravest natural disaster in its history.

The award vindicated Mayor Moreno and the people Cagayan de Oro who gave him a resounding mandate and who have been relentlessly attacked by unparalleled political obstructionism. As the mayor said, he overcame the odds by being firm, performing well and more importantly, engaging the community.

As a thought leader and social activist, Edicio Dela Torre aptly said, the city under the leadership of Moreno did not only rise up from the mud but political obstructionism as well.


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