Citizen's Charter

Government exists to serve the needs of the public and it must ensure that those needs are served efficiently, effectively and fairly to all. Putting in place clear processes and mechanisms in all areas of good governance is absolutely necessary as we adhere to the tenets of transparency, accountability and public trust.

The crafting of this Citizen’s Charter is essential as we strive to improve efficiency in the delivery of public service by reducing bureaucratic red tape, thus expediting government transactions. The adoption of simplified procedures of our frontline services will definitely cut short the processing time of transactions, hence, making our service to the transacting public fast, efficient, convenient and reliable. While this measure is also aimed at curbing graft and corruption in the government I believe that the Citizen’s Charter is an effective tool to promote honesty in rendering public service.

May this Citizen’s Charter serve as our important instrument to deliver genuine public service to our people.

City Mayor


This contains the file pages of Cagayan de Oro Citizen's Charter.

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