Tuesday, 19 July 2022 08:29

Mayor Klarex Uy trusts the Covid response team

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Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Rolando “Klarex” Uy has full confidence in the Covid 19 Emergency Operation Center (EOC) to sustain and even enhance if needed City Hall’s efforts to protect the public from the virus.
The mayor ordered the health cluster of the EOC to resume the Covid 19 press briefing last Monday, July 18, 2022 in order to inform the public of the Covid 19 situation and ally fears of a resurgence of cases. He met with City Hall officials early Monday morning to be briefed on the situation and give the green light for the resumption of the press briefer.
“My administration is set to continue the momentum of the previous administration to bring the city to level zero or the new normal,” Mayor Uy said in a statement. For this to happen, the City Hall in partnership with the Dept. of Health (DOH) will continue with urgency the vaccination program. Having the greatest number of people vaccinated from Covid 19 is the city’s best protection from any resurgence of cases, the mayor said.
“Resilience from the virus brought by a successful vaccination program and diligent observance of minimum public health standards will not just protect public health but ensure that our economic recovery efforts will succeed,” Uy said.
The City Hall, he said would continue to be transparent on the Covid 19 response.
The City Mayor’s Office (CMO) however clarifies that Mayor Uy was not set to attend the press briefing, in response to reports he ‘skipped’ last Monday’s Covid 19 press briefing.
“We understand, perhaps by ‘force of habit’ for the media to expect the presence of the mayor in the Covid 19 briefings. Mayor Klarex Uy trusts the empowered and competent City Hall bureaucracy, the health cluster in this instance, for the unhampered and effective Covid 19 response. Rest assured, he is on top of the local government’s pandemic response,” said BenCy Ellorin, the mayor’s communications consultant.