Thursday, 30 April 2020 02:07

City police to impose ‘heavier penalty’ against curfew violators

Written by Justin Nagac
Cagayan de Oro City Police (COCPO) spokesperson Major Evan Viñas, during the 40th press conference on COVID-19, has warned the public of a “heavier penalty” for curfew violators.
He said that those who will violate the city ordinance on curfew hours will face criminal charges before the prosecutor’s office.
Viñas said the stricter penalty will replace the old scheme that only requires violators to watch a video presentation with educational content about COVID-19.
With the imposition of a new policy, COCPO has amplified their call for Kagay-anons to avoid staying outside their homes beyond 9:00PM.
The guidelines for the said heavier penalty are yet to be released to the public.