Friday, 08 May 2020 03:05

Brgy Macasandig observes social distancing during SAP distribution

Written by Justin Nagac
With over 20,000 residents, Barangay Macasandig is considered as one the most populated barangays in Cagayan de Oro City. As the city continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, its barangay officials have been confronted by an enormous task of helping its residents to make ends meet amid the General Community Quarantine while still taking necessary measures to avoid the possible transmission of the virus in their barangay.
On May 4, Barangay Macasandig facilitated the distribution of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) cash assistance to its residents at the barangay gymnasium. However, far from the a chaotic scenario in a distribution of cash grants, recipients found themselves one meter apart from each other as they have strictly observed social distancing.
As one of the recipients, a concerned citizen from Macasandig shared her observation on the SAP cash aid distribution in her barangay. As she posted on Facebook, she expressed her satisfaction on the way the barangay personnel facilitated the distribution.
“Based from what I have observed on that day, they have managed the distribution well. There were queue marks that have been designated on the gym’s bleachers to make sure that everyone inside is one meter apart.”
She also added: “The barangay personnel have been designated to strictly monitor the movement of people during that time; ensuring that no one will cut the line and social distancing was being observed.”
Special lines were also created to accommodate recipients who are senior citizens, persons-with-disability (PWDs), and pregnant women. Police officers were dispatched to assist the peace and order of the distribution.
But more than just these measures and despite of the long process, she emphasized that cooperation from the residents has been key to the successful distribution of SAP in their barangay.
She said: “It was a long process but it’s worth it. I commend the courtesy of Macasandig residents. Despite if there were some who were not abiding the rules, there is a combined effort between the barangay personnel and people.”
The observance of social distancing during the SAP distribution in Macasandig proves cooperation between the barangay and its people is possible. By working hand-in-hand, everyone can help our collective pursuit to cope up with the current public health situation.