Friday, 08 May 2020 06:53

Moreno order re-structures ‘LGU Task Force Against COVID-19,’ sets 4-Step General Protocols

Written by CDO COVID19 Response Team
Cagayan de Oro City Oscar S. Moreno has issued Executive Order 71 (EO71), amending EO67 in compliance with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Memorandum Circular 2020-077, otherwise known as “Rationalizing the Establishment of a Local Government Unit Task Force Against COVID-19.”
Moreno released EO71 following the DILG circular (dated 24 April 2020) which mandates local governments “to fully establish and activate their respective Local Task Force Against COVID-19 and align their actions with the national strategy framework.”
Under EO71, the Local Task Force Against COVID-19 is composed of Moreno as the Chairperson, Acting City Health Officer Dr. Lorraine Jungco-Nery as the Co-Chairperson, and 16 members from various committees and sectors in the city.
The said task force aims to carry out three main duties, namely, (a) Take the lead in all COVID-19 concerns in the local government unit; (b) Ensure that the concerned city government office as well as the barangays perform their respective roles in the collective effort to limit the spread the virus; and (c) Submit regular reports to the DILG Regional Office 10.
Four teams are set to execute and achieve the main duties of the local task force: Contact Tracing Team (CTT) headed by Dr Teodulfo Joselito A. Retuya Jr., Assistant City Health Officer; Diagnostic and Testing Team (DTT) led by Charisa Galacio, Assistant Medical Technologist of the City Health Office; Patient Management and Monitoring Team (PMMT) headed by Dr. Maria Magdalena Juan; and Logistics and Resources Support Team (LRST) led by Dr William D. Bernardo.
Three units have also been created under the PMMT: Isolation Facility Management Unit (IFMU) headed by Ryselle Bernadette M. Descallar; COVID Referral and Liaison Unit (CRLU) led by Dr Teodoro Yu; and Reintegration and Psychosocial Counseling Unit (RPCU) headed by Jaymee Leonen.
EO71 has also set the 4-Step General Protocols to be adopted by the Local Task Force Against COVID-19:
  • Step 1: Contact Tracing. Task force agents, after receiving a report of a confirmed, suspected, or probable case, shall identify and verify the probable contacts, such as (a) the household members; (b) intimate partners; (c) individuals providing care for the households; and (d) individuals who have close contact (closer than six feet for the prolonged period of 20-30 minutes).
  • Step 2: Isolation. If the probable and suspected cases or contacts start to show symptoms akin to COVID-19, the task force shall refer the case to the appropriate hospital. Individuals with mild symptoms are referred to Level 2 Hospitals, while those manifesting severe symptoms are transferred to Level 3 or Level 4 Hospitals.
  • Step 3: Testing. Infected individuals exhibiting mild symptoms and even those asymptomatic must be admitted. Provinces and highly-urbanized cities, like CDO, are mandated to put up 1,000 bed capacity isolation facilities to cater to possible surge of cases.
  • Step 4: Reintegration or Referral. After the results of a credible test, the LGU must facilitate the reintegration of the person to the community if the result is negative or refer the case to the appropriate facility if the result is positive. The LGU shall also provide the person with psychosocial support.
Positive cases shall then undergo again all the steps in the general protocols.
This executive order takes effect immediately as Cagayan de Oro City continues to be placed under General Community Quarantine (GCQ).