Monday, 08 June 2020 07:00

COVID-19 Response: The ‘Tabang Uswag’ story

Written by CDO COVID19 Response Team
Photo courtesy of Tabang Uswag's Facebook page. Photo courtesy of Tabang Uswag's Facebook page.
Over the course of the pandemic, we had to adjust to a new normal. Transitioning from anticipating summer to staying at home and practicing social distancing. No one was prepared for this, leaving people to worry about their job security and supporting their family with no help.
There were those who saw this problem and how it was affecting their community. Initiated by the youth and driven by their passion, Tabang Uswag is a project created by Mico Galon and his fellow SK-youth officers and volunteers as a response to help their community. It aimed to help the workers during the pandemic. Their community included the quarrymen and sikad drivers of Kauswagan, later on, it also included barangay elders with at-risk families.
Over the course of a few weeks, they were able to raise a total of Php36,265 that went to 115 food packs, given to 30 quarrymen and 85 sikad drivers; as well as 40 hygiene kits given to barangay elderlies. They also received 150 kilos of rice, 110 cups of siomai rice, 70 food packs, 8 sacks of veggies, 5 trays of eggs, 40 bath soaps, and a box of coffee with the help from in-kind donations and with the help of 31 sponsors and 17 volunteers they were also able to give relief packs that contained rice, sardines noodles, Winrox, quash, eggplant, carrots, bell-peppers and tomatoes to the community.
As we slowly adjust to a new normal we thank those who were there during the transition. For more information about Tabang Uswag, pop over to