Tuesday, 09 June 2020 05:49

COVID-19 Response: The ‘Tabang Sikad’ story

Written by CDO COVID19 Response Team
Tabang Sikad is an initiative powered by concerned youth — an idea which was fanned by Ash Garaula and Ishii Ng, and quickly picked up by Liam Osorio and Nekka Abueve — who wish to empower, support, and provide for the trisikad drivers of Cagayan de Oro City. Trisikad drivers, being the unsung heroes and frontliners, whose livelihood has been badly affected since the beginning of quarantine. The project aims to provide for the daily needs through funds raised from a donation drive. In addition, the project also intends to educate its beneficiaries about the pandemic in terms of its health and economic aspect. Lastly, Tabang Sikad hopes to create a network that can help during and after COVID-19.
Originally, its beneficiaries were the Vtoda of Barangay Carmen, but with word of their initiative quickly spread throughout and the influx of donations coming in, Tabang Sikad has since decided to replicate their activities to other trisikad drivers in the city one toda at a time.
Since then, Tabang Sikad has achieved more than what they had ever hoped: It now has 326 beneficiaries, sponsored food packs were distributed to 50 drivers, 7 todas have joined in, 6 barangays have been reached, a relief distributions process (composed of sanitation, disinfection, with information drive every distribution) was conducted, and initiatives (FundForward, UniteforCDO of Quina Sisters) have been partnered with.
Private donors and sponsors — like Generika, have partnered as well, including 56 individuals. Recently, Tabang Sikad has launched an online store that sells rice, egg, noodles, ecobags, face masks — to name a few, with its earning proceeding to help raise funds to support trisikad drivers in Barangay Lapasan.
(All photos courtesy of Tabang Sikad. For more information, visit their page here.)