Wednesday, 05 August 2020 11:40

Quarantine Eats: Sardines So Good!

Written by CDO COVID19 Response Team

Among the usual ayuda given to us during the quarantine is canned sardines. Filipinos often enjoy sardines straight from the can paired with hot rice or its usual sautéed version sometimes mixed with egg. 

As the quarantine continues to be extended, Filipinos are in search of newer ways to cook the dish.  But do not worry as we have collated three ways that canned sardines can be improved and made healthy. 

Below are links to three (3) healthy recipes with canned sardines which we have collated for you from Panlasang Pinoy, a local online portal for healthy Filipino recipes. 


Pandesal and Sardines Pizza

This recipe is perfect for those who love pan de sal for breakfast. The mild and savory taste of the traditional Filipino morning bread brings great harmony to the tangy and salty flavors of sardines, giving the canned good up by levels. 

Find the recipe here: 


Sardines with Patola and Miswa

Tickle your taste buds with this delectable recipe which is best served for lunch or dinner. The easy-to-cook soup works pairs well with warm rice. For the adventurous, you may also prepare its spicy version. 

Find the recipe here: 


Spanish Sardines Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato and Chopped Olives

Impress your family with the Spanish Sardines Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato and Chopped Olives. As sosyal as the recipe’s name sounds, it is a really simple pasta dish that you can make for dinner. Feel free to modify the recipe according to your liking. 

Find the recipe here: