Wednesday, 26 August 2020 08:52

Medical professionals to be on ‘Code White’ alert for city fiesta

Written by CDO COVID19 Response Team

In a memo released on August 25, Tuesday, the Center for Health Development - Northern Mindanao of the Department of Health (DOH-CHDNM), medical professionals are directed to be on Code White in time for city fiesta, from August 27 to 29.

The alert status has been issued in observance of the “Feast of Saint Augustine” in Cagayan de Oro on August 28, Friday, to respond to “untoward incidents and eventualities.”

During the Code White alert, the DOH-CDHNM Response Teams and Committees will be on standby or on-call mode to report to the office immediately in case of any medical emergency.

The said memo was issued by OIC Director Adriano P. Suba-an and directed to all DOH-CHDNM personnel, including the development management officers, human resources for health, contract service personnel, DOH-retained hospitals, medical health centers, and other heath agencies.

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