Department Manager

City Engineering and Public Works Compound, Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City

Tel No. : (088) 8582908; (088) 557-7557

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About Us

  • The City Agriculture Office assists farmers and fisher folk in improving their agricultural productivity through
  • Organization of farmers/fisher folk associations, rural improvement clubs, 4-H clubs and agricultural cooperatives through which technology transfer is facilitated to improve the quality of life of people in the countryside;
  • Development of the young farmers by providing opportunities for training, learning and productivity through income-generating agricultural projects;
  • Promotion of economic activities among women associations through skills and home management training;
  • Production of high quality seedlings for dispersal to farmers in the barangays;
  • Conservation and protection of natural resources through the promotion of organic agriculture and coastal resources management; and
  • Promotion of agri-business investment opportunities and market linkages


A vibrant and dynamic department, staffed by competent, weill-motivated and highly- trained personnel; adept with the latest technologies and innovations, conscious about protecting the environment and ecosystem and who are prompt and effective in the delivery of appropriate agricultural necessary for a sustained and meet the food demands of a burgeoning and highly urbanized city.


The City Agriculture Office, commits to enhance rural youth participation in the production process and enable the farming and fishing sectors increased and sustain productivity and income through the provision of appropriate, time-tested and technologically sound agricultural practices that too promote resource conservation and protection environment and the ecosystem while alleviating rural poverty.

Frontline Services

  • Extension of technical services for agriculture and fisheries;
  • Farm tractor services
  • Issuance of certifications
    1. Crop damage assessment
    2. Crop suitability assessment
    3. Crop suitability assessment
    4. Crops valuation
  • Provision of available data on agriculture and fisheries