Friday, 26 April 2024 08:11


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Atty. Spencer Palen, an executive staff of the City Mayor’s Office of Cagayan de Oro, has begun his six-month working stint at Gwangyang City Hall in South Korea as part of the Korea Heart to Heart or K2H Fellowship program.
Gwangyang City in South Korea is a sister city of Cagayan de Oro.
The K2H Fellowship, renowned for its commitment to developing global partnerships, invites officials from local governments worldwide to immerse themselves in Korean culture and administration for a duration of six months to a year.
As part of the program, Atty. Palen undertook a comprehensive 10-day pre-intensive training course, equipping him with insights into Korean administration, history, culture, and language prior to his placement at Gwangyang City Hall.
Expressing his gratitude for the warm reception during his first week, Atty. Palen reaffirmed his commitment to promoting friendship and cooperation between the two cities during his tenure in Gwangyang.
During his stay, he will be actively involved in various initiatives that aim to strengthen the relationship between the two sister cities of Gwangyang and Cagayan de Oro. (GB/CIO Photo Credits by Atty. Spencer Palen)