Friday, 17 July 2020 14:29

Supporting local businesses one blog at a time

Written by CDO COVID19 Response Team

As the country continues to grapple with the economic paralysis brought by the pandemic, small Filipino local businesses have the challenges magnified with decreasing income and adjusting to the logistical changes required by the Inter-Agency Task Force regulations. 

Many of these local businesses have resorted to online means of selling their products in order to somehow cushion the impact of income loss and continue with their operations. 

Mitch Oddera, a 51-year-old yoga instructor from Macasandig, came to support these local businesses by featuring them in her blogs which she shares on her social media accounts. 

“Business owners might be our neighbors, friends, relatives, and acquaintances,” Mitch shares, realizing the need for community support for small local businesses in the time of a crisis. 

She adds, “during this time of pandemic there is a high need to boost their image and services since they are part of our community.”

She mostly features local food businesses by enticing people to eat and order from them in her short videos. After which, Mitch mentions their contact details for people to take note.

Her neighbor’s farm produce, Riley’s truffle mushroom spread, and a Tinabunan Arts and Craft’s bag are some of her latest features. 

Her lively blogs are welcomed with kind replies from people who even suggest on what to feature next. Mitch then shares posts from other local businesses 

Aside from supporting local businesses, Mitch offers free online yoga classes these days. 

(To view her blogs and yoga classes, pop over to her Facebook account: